Simple by design Universal by use

OxyO was founded on the philosophy of Universal Design, which means the process is usable by as many people as possible.

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Why is it important to have waste water treatment plant?

Environmental damage is increasing daily due to multiple reasons. It is crucial to prevent further hurt to nature by whatever means possible. The best solution is Sustainable living, which means prioritising natural and renewable resources instead of generating excess waste and depleting resources for the future. OxyO offers Water Reuse and Waste Management Solutions for the below mentioned.

These solutions are  based on The Principle of Universal Design ~  Simple by design, Universal by use. 

Volume of water saved today by OxyO


What are the benefits of having OxyO's Sewage treatment plant?

Simple process design

Less equipment and therefore a lesser chance of having a breakdown

Our treatment plant do not produce any foul odour

Occupies lesser space when compared to other treatment technologies.

It saves money as there are no consumables, thus resulting in low energy consumption.

No chemicals are added during the treatment process, thus saving lots of hassles.

Easy to run and maintain, it does not require skilled or dedicated labour. 

Users can recover more than 95% of water.

Treated water is safe to be reused for multiple purpose like Gardening, Flushing , construction, regeneration of  ground water etc.,

Planning for a Sewage treatment plant?

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Features of OxyO's Technology

The treated water meets the Pollution Control Board norms.

The plant’s design is tailor-made as per the available space.

The plant can be automated if necessary using, Internet of things(IOT).

The process developed is like an ecosystem that can  sustain itself without adding bio culture.

The process developed is robust; it can easily handle variations in inflow. The process does not fail easily and also can be revived back within a few days.

The treatment process is time-tested, as well as the design been improvised.

We use Ozone for disinfection, which is one of the best in the industry, quickly destroying  harmful pathogens.

Excess water from the treatment plant can be easily fed to the Sewerage; It will not affect the environment.

The resultant sludge produced does not produce any foul odour, which can be sundried and disposed or used as manure. The sludge produced is also very low compared to other technologies.

The excess water usage can also be used to regenerate ground water. Which can be drawn back through bore wells to reuse after natural and safe filtration by the ground.


Our Clients

Metro Cash and Carry, Mysore - 15 KLD STP

Raj Corporation, Mumbai - 375 KLD STP

Brown Dove, Banglore - 20 KLD STP

Hitech group Mysore & Vizag- 25KLD STP

MYPOL, Mysore - 20 KLD ETP

Foundations Silicon, Mysore - 15 KLD STP

TSS, Sirsi - Bio Gas Bag

Parva Residency, Coimbatore - 25 KLD STP

Trendz, Mysore - 135 KLD - Revamp STP

Aadishwar Vatika - 135 KLD Revamp STP

Lahari, Mysore - 7.5 KLD STP

Grain & Grace, Palakkad - 10 KLD ETP

Sahana Textile, Coimbatore -150 KLD Revamp STP

Maverix, Banglore - 20 KLD ETP

AA Convention Hall, Mandya - 25 KLD ETP