5 Ideas to Lower the Maintenance in a waste water treatment plant

5 Benefits when you have a Chemical-free treatment in Waste water treatment plants

6 Usages of treated water – 3 domestic usage and commercial usage

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Corona in sewage

6 Advantages and 3 disadvantages of Using Ozone to disinfect treated water in sewage treatment plants in comparison with chlorine

Japanese researchers have found that Ozone is capable of killing Corona Virus bypassing low concentrations of ozone. Recent observations made from several places reveal that Viral RNA of the Corona Virus was found in the sewage across India. It is highly recommended and advisable to use Ozone for disinfection.

Some useful Tips to reduce bad odour in Sewage Treatment Plants

When you stick to the old methods of treatment and suffering from the bad odor in the treatment plant makes no sense. It’s time to make improvements in the treatment process.

Mindset people have that wastewater treatment plants produce bad odor

It is true that in most of the conventional treatment plants, clients experience the issue of bad odor and they have accepted that bad odor is a part of the Sewage treatment plant.

Tips to make treated wastewater to meet standards

It is very important to select the technology which utilizes the naturally available microbial activity instead of the technology which relies on equipment.

4 Mistakes people do due to which treated wastewater not meeting standards

By selecting a traditional process for treatment of wastewater, you have made the right choice. Tremendous research has grown out of this tradition. The basis of this perfection the manufacturers offers is from operators who are responsible for its performance.

Truth behind why treated water does not meet government standards

The suspended growth processes have high cell mortality leading to a collapse of the process and wash out of biomass from the aeration tank has been a handicap in such technologies making it economically nonviable, requiring personnel with knowledge of microbiology.



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