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Some Mistakes The People Do That Increases The Price in STP


Focusing on the mechanical process rather than the biological treatment process. 


Most people think that if they are much equipment, treatment will happen but that’s not true in most cases. Instead, it will make the treatment process more complicated which results in partial or no treatment. The increase in the number of equipment i.e., installing pumps at every stage like raw sewage transfer pump, filter feed pump, sludge transfer pumps, etc., results in more power consumption and requires regular maintenance ending up with high maintenance cost.



Employing unskilled labour


All these installations require proper operation and monitoring. Since it has lots of mechanical equipment we must employ skilled labor to maintain them and repair them when necessary. Sometimes these skilled labor are not easily available. Which results in poor performance and becomes a burden. So in a rush, they try to get someone to run the plant, and if that person does not follow standard procedures. It results in poor maintenance which affects the pieces of equipment in the long run.



No maintenance of records of the plant and equipment’s


In most of the plants what we have observed is that the person running the plant is sometimes completely clueless about the procedure, the design, and its process. There are no documents of the pieces of equipment used, which is not a healthy way to run a Sewage treatment plant.



Looks for less initial investment without analyzing the monthly maintenance expenses.


Since the conventional treatment technology has been widely used everywhere, people think this is the efficient method of treatment and are not ready to give a try and invest in new technology by thinking it would be expensive on initial investment and maintenance and always looks for the technology which offers them minimal initial investment without analyzing the maintenance expenses which are higher.



We at OxyO see an opportunity to create a more thoughtful treatment process that would benefit all users and create a better compliant process. In our treatment technology, pumps are eliminated and are designed to work on gravity flow and hence our biological treatment plants have a huge advantage as no monitoring for treatment is required. We have done extensive work to demonstrate and introduce to the market new-gen performing plants that are capable of maintaining the desired level of microbial activity such as cell count and cell viability.



Author: Lavanya

Co-Author: Arun Karunakaran

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Wrong Mindset that needs to change about – Treated water will not meet Government standards

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