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A Few Ideas To Reduce The Power Consumption At STP


Evaluate energy consumption and efficiency


The maintenance team in the STP has to evaluate the energy consumption and efficiency through an on-site survey to identify operational needs, maintenance, and deficient equipment. This helps to understand the energy usage pattern and to evaluate how energy efficiencies could be made.



Conduct an energy audit and make necessary physical and operational changes


Conduct an energy audit and make the necessary physical and operational changes that can produce substantial benefits. Energy audits help identify the greatest energy consumers at a facility, reveal opportunities for operational improvements, and detect issues with aging and underperforming equipment. The results of an audit can help to improve energy efficiency, which represents an opportunity for customers to reduce operating costs.



Identify new opportunity


At OxyO, we design the plant to allow the influent wastewater directly into the aeration tank through gravity by eliminating pumping. The utilization of biofilm for treatment of wastewater in the aeration tank helps to reduce the suspended solids which eliminate the requirement of feed pumps, filters, sludge pumps, and sludge thickening mechanism. Thus with the hybrid technology of wastewater treatment i.e., utilizing biofilm helps to reduce the equipment required which intern helps to reduce the power consumption in STPs.



Author: Lavanya

CoAuthor: Arun Karunakaran

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