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The Mindset that you need to change to reduce power consumptions in STP




More equipment means better treatment

More the merrier may be true for money or some other things but definitely not for Sewage treatment plants. There is a belief in general that for any sewage treatment to happen it should go through multiple stages and tanks to get the treated water. As the old business strategy says supply for the demand, the solution providers have been providing technologies for so long, which involves at least a dozen pieces of equipment. The builders and architects have come to a mindset that sewage treatment plants require multiple pieces of equipment. Otherwise, the treatment will not happen. So they tend to select solutions, which have been providing the same type of technologies with multiple pieces of equipment. We cannot completely blame them, as they do not want to get into trouble and to on the safer side, as it is not easy to handle the wastewater. If anything goes wrong you cannot just stop the waste coming from the house.


Treatment is not happening – Just filter it

I am sure many of them who are going to hear what I am going to say will think that I am crazy. You do not require filters for sewage treatment plants. Yes, you heard it right, unless you are going to drink the water you do not need to filter. Filtration is required for removing the dissolved solids like salts, the sewage contains suspended solids which can be removed by biological treatment. You have to install filters only if you are not having a proper sewage treatment plant.


Because of the previous experience and observation, they have come to this mindset, which increases the power consumption. The sewage treatment does on depends on the equipment but on the design and technology.  The selection of appropriate design and technology helps in reducing power consumption. At OxyO, compared to conventional treatments our treatment procedure is very simple and designed to work by gravity thus eliminating sewage transfer pumps. With the innovation in bio-films technology, lots of changes have happened. OxyO technology uses bio-films that do not require multiple pieces of equipment. So we keep our power consumption to the lowest. We do not require multiple equipments thus saving lots of money for the customer in initial investment and also in maintenance.


By Author: Lavanya and Co Author: Arun Karunakaran

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Wrong Mindset that needs to change about – Treated water will not meet Government standards

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