1 Big Benefit and the appreciation received from the client


How did it start?



We had commissioned a sewage treatment plant in Mumbai a year ago for a community. The plants capacity is around 275 KLD, which is situated close to the apartments. It was an exciting story of how we got the client and the benefit for the client. Mr Bhavesh from Raj Corporation is a prominent builder from Mumbai and has done multiple projects. When they wanted a sewage treatment plant for their upcoming project in Dombivilli, he tried to provide the best solution for the client. As he was not satisfied with the present solutions, he looked for a simple and innovative design.

We had got the referral through a channel partner, and the client was very doubtful about giving an order to a company in Mysore. However, after we had explained the benefits, he was impressed and curious to see in real. So the client, along with Engineer, flew from Mumbai to Banglore and came to Mysore in a Taxi. They visited our office, and we explained to them about our process and technical details. After that, they wanted to visit the plant to understand better and see it in their own eyes.



Revamping an existing plant



We took them to Trendz apartment, which was a revamped project with a capacity of 135 KLD. The company built the sewage treatment plant 10 years before.  The old plant and was not functioning up to the mark and was creating a lot of problems. So we had converted it into our technology, and now the plant is performing exceptionally well. Even the pieces of equipment used also reduced from a dozen to a couple of equipment. Seeing how OxyO revamped the plant and the savings on cost and maintenance, the client was thrilled.



Innovative new design



Next, seeing the revamped plant, the client wanted to see a new treatment plant in our design. So we took him to Hitech Corporation Pvt Ltd, which is the bucket manufacturing for Asian paints. On seeing the plants, they were surprised because of the simple design. We design plants in such a way that the water flows from one tank to another by gravity. Seeing this, they were more than satisfied, and we also got the plant’s maintenance manager to talk to them. He gave a positive reply, and the client was more than happy. But the story does not end here.



The new beginning



Once he was satisfied, he gave us the order and then we completed the project for him. Our first project in Mumbai, and far from Mysore for us, we completed the project quickly. It was a fun journey from Mysore to Mumbai in our vehicle. We had planned for 5 days to execute and commission, but it took us a few more days to complete.  It was tiring in the sun to work for guys who didn’t have regular jobs in the sun. Despite all the hurdles, our goal was to complete the task perfectly.  Once OxyO commissioned the plant, treated water was excellent, and the client started re-using it for flushing and construction. By re-using the water, the client saved a lot of money and recovered the money they invested within 6 months.


He gave us lots of appreciation for the kind of work we did, and we are waiting for two more projects of his.



Editor – in – chief

Arun Karunakaran

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