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Tips to make treated wastewater to meet standards



Select an appropriate technology that utilizes the micro-organisms effectively to treat the wastewater


As we know, there are many treatment technologies available and being used for years. It is very important to choose a proper technology that treats the wastewater effectively and helps to combat pollution. It is very important to select the technology which utilizes the naturally available microbial activity instead of the technology which relies on equipment. With the advent of hybrid technology, a high level of treated water quality is achieved with the help of maintaining the desired level of microbial activity in the aeration tank.



Maintain the microbial consortium i.e., microbial cell count & cell viability


In the conventional-based treatment technology for treating the wastewater, maintaining the desired level of microorganism is always a challenge and if this is not achieved, the result is partial or no treatment. At OxyO, Our technology for wastewater treatment plants is simple. Our biological treatment plants achieve the desired results in the destruction of biodegradable organics. It is an established knowledge that maintaining the (consortium of microbes) microbial cell count and cell viability in the reactors is the only way to treat wastewater efficiently. Any process that can help sustain microbial activity results in the most efficient method of biological treatment. Our process has all the ingredients to support the microbial activity to treat the wastewater successfully.



Design for one full day holding capacity in the aeration tank to handle the variable flow


Most of the solution providers in the market design the treatment plant with inadequate capacity in the aeration tank. There will be separate tanks for equalization and aeration and sewage transfer pumps to pump the sewage at a constant flow rate into the aeration tank to avoid the shock load to the microbial activity in the aeration tank. Instead of this, we can upgrade by letting the wastewater directly to the aeration tank designed with the capacity to hold one full day’s volume. By doing this, offline equalization can be eliminated and provide a sufficient holding time for the treatment to happen. At OxyO, We have ultimately brought all the desired elements with a sensible design to work in a single tank. This thoughtful process renders treatment with ease for any capacity to meet the stipulated norms of health standards.



Install dedicated air blowers for aeration


It is very important to install dedicated air blowers only for aeration. Insufficient oxygen transfer is a common problem in many treatment plants where the same air blowers are used for equalization and aeration. Lowered transfer results in sludge bulking in addition to reducing the biological efficiency.



Author: Lavanya. J

Co Author: Arun Karunakaran




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