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Wrong Mindset that needs to change about – Treated water will not meet Government standards

From the previous experiences seen from other conventional plants


Many wastewater treatment plants do not deliver the desired results set by the government authorities. There are many reasons behind it, like

  • Selecting treatment process simply because it is widely used.
  • Fault in designing of the plant.
  • Looking for the lowest quote without understanding the technology

It may not have to be the same always, there are research and development happening every minute.



If it was meeting the standards then why is not installed everywhere


I have come across people who have a mindset, that if the technology can treat the water to meet the pollution control board norms. Then why is it not everywhere? The reality is for innovation to reach it takes some time, once it reaches it will spread like wildfire.



I have not seen it so, I will not believe it


It just reminds me of my maid, when I was a kid those were the time when Jurassic Park was released. She would not believe that the Dinosaurs were Graphics and they died millions of years ago. We respect your opinion all we ask is please be open, as you may not know when you will be surprised.


At OxyO, the biological treatment technology that we use achieves the desired results in the destruction of biodegradable organics with the utilization of biofilm which is simple, efficient, and produces results that meet the prescribed standards. Design plays an important role in the process as you have to design plants that give enough retention time to digest the degradable organic material and also to remove nitrogen from the wastewater.



Author: Lavanya

Co-author: Arun Karunakaran.

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Wrong Mindset that needs to change about – Treated water will not meet Government standards

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