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We promote a closer connection with both our clients and our environment.

Multidisciplinary Talent

OxyO is designed to attract multidisciplinary expertise for the transformation of cutting-edge waste water technology.

Biological Treatment

In a sense, the narration of every one of our items that we provide to the end customer is prewritten to instruct the installation professionals.

About us

OxyO was founded on the philosophy of Universal Design, which means the design of process usable by as many people as possible. Today, Our Team at OxyO offers many ideas for residential, education institutions, commercial establishments and a few industries, all created based on this principle.

Why is it important to have waste water treatment plant?

There are numerous reasons why environmental destruction is getting worse every day. It is essential to stop future damage to the environment as soon as feasible. Living sustainably is the ideal answer, which involves giving priority to natural and renewable resources rather than producing too much trash and diminishing resources for the future. For the aforementioned, OxyO provides waste management and water reuse solutions.

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Simple Process Design
Less equipment and therefore a lesser chance of having a breakdown
Our treatment plant do not produce any foul odour
Occupies lesser space when compared to other treatment technologies.
It saves money as there are no consumables, thus resulting in low energy consumption.
No chemicals are added during the treatment process, thus saving lots of hassles.
Easy to run and maintain, it does not require skilled or dedicated labour.
Users can recover more than 95% of water.
Treated water is safe to be reused for multiple purpose like Gardening, Flushing , construction, regeneration of ground water etc.,

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Planning for a Sewage treatment plant?

OxyO sees an opportunity to create more thoughtful treatment process that would benefit all users and create a better compliant process. The word OxyO suggests infused oxygen to atmosphere for a better living.