Q1. What is the maintenance required for the plant?

A: The maintenance of the plant is minimal as the equipment’s used also is minimal. We design plants so that the water flows through gravity, thus reducing the equipment’s

Q2. Do you use any Bio-culture or enzymes to develop and sustain the micro-organisms?

A: No we do not use any bio-culture or enzymes. The micro-organisms in the plant are able to sustain by itself.

Q3. What about the sludge and how much of the sludge is produced?

A: Sludge is produced , but the quantity of the sludge produced is comparatively very less.

Q4. What do we do with the sludge?

A: The sludge produced in the plants usually floats, which can be skimmed out then dried and easily disposed. As it is rich in organic nutrients it also be used as a substitute for manure.

Q5. What about the bad smell? Will it effect people nearby?

A: Absolutely there will be no smell, near the plant or anywhere near the premises.

Q6. What about the water will there be any smell in the water?

A: No, there will be no smell in the water as well.

Q7. What about the manpower, do we need to employ skilled manpower?

A: We do not need dedicated manpower, any unskilled manpower who is maintaining the premises can take care of the plant.

Q8. How do I maintain the plant, do I need to have AMC or O&M of the plant?

A: We can sign up for an occasional visit and guide on the necessary precautions. Which can save you money.

Q9. Will the wastewater from the plant meet the pollution control board norms?

A: Yes it will definitely meet the pollution control board norms.

Q10. How much water can be recovered and how can I use it?

A: We can recover more than 95% and can be re-used completely like for Gardening, Flushing of toilets, washing floors, borewell regeneration, and further process it can be made potable.